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We know you're looking for Barber, and we specialize in beards and men's haircuts so you're right!

Maybe it's just a barbershop. Come and find out.


Maybe our specialists are barbers, or maybe they just have a cut in their blood.

Well, for men's beards and beards we're a combination of barber, but there's something else, amazing customer service and attention to detail that defines TheCut as something new in the men's hairdressing industry.

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Grzesiek M...

Cze 4, 2020

When I came to visit Matthew I didn't know it was going to be the BEST visit in my life... Shit, I had remorse why didn't I get to him before? Nobody could grasp my hair and explain what fits and what doesn't make sense. And he did! BEARNING professional, TRAGically accurate (don't count on you finishing earlier, you pay for this guy's time!) Feelings? You go to a professional hairdresser's, and you get a hair/beard and a hilarious and nice herbalist! 3x YES, I RECOMMEND THIS!

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