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There's a support site in front of you.

You will find answers to all existential questions.

Can I come to the place with the girl?


Sure! We have no problem with that.

If you come with your wife and take your girlfriend's haircut you have free!

Do delays happen often?

One rabbi will say yes and another rabbi will say no.

Seriously, we try not to let that happen, but sometimes there is a slight delay.

This is due to the attention to detail - we are male hairdressers, who are very careful in their work.

No masks - just an accurate cut!

What do these stars mean?


In TheCut there are three advanced levels and one expert, and each expert has one of them, the stars are the experience in TheCut that the owner defines. We believe that well-prepared and trained staff is a way to provide a service that does not disappoint, on the contrary, makes you smile.

Can I pay with your card?

Of course, we are a company that likes technology and we care about your comfort. Cash is welcome!

 Can I find a place to park in front of the premises?

Yes, both TheCut units are located in the paid parking zone, which allows you to park very close to your destination. Don't worry, we've thought this through really well.

Do you shave your head/sect with a razor?

We care about our customers' comfort in a unique way, that is why we decided that customers in our premises will not suffer from irritated skin because that is the effect of working with a razor in the above mentioned places. To avoid irritation, we use shavers that often shave more thoroughly than the razor and less invasively giving the effect of perfectly smooth skin.

Can you give a tip when paying by card?


If, in your opinion, the specialist who served you deserves a tip, nothing stands in the way of giving it to him, even if it was to be the amount added on the payment terminal, it is worth bearing in mind that in the hairdressing industry tips are between 15% and 30% of salary.  

How are we different from the Berbers? 


  • We rely on extensive consultation before we start working on our hairstyle.

  • Each employee has undergone demanding internal training before being given the opportunity to work on the job, it is worth noting here that the training lasts from 40 to 150 days, depending on the predisposition of the future employee.

  • We take care of the smile and unusual presentation of our staff.

  • The customer is the most important thing, that is why we continue to develop the quality of service and ourselves as people, so that you do not have to listen about the city conquests at the weekend...

  • We try to be versatile so that you can relax and take advantage of interesting and useful tips, because this hour does not have to be wasted.

  • We take care of the equipment, it's always high quality and fresh and disinfected.

  • The situation is similar with the premises themselves as we know it is a place where a lot is happening, order is a synonym for peace and also something that is an absolute basis for us.

Does hair washing come with a haircut? 


Yes, exactly. Of course, if the hair wash is available at your chosen place. 

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