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Meet our specialists

Dawid Kruczek Owner | Specialist level 5 ✩✩✩✩


Teacher, brain, expert,

A hairdressing wolf, in a herd of sheep.

David aka Boss!

At work?

A professional, not the first better spen-pusher from the local barber, a real hairdressing jackass, who knows what I'm talking about - a magician!

On a daily basis?

It shows you can have virtually anything you want - the perfect example of a workaholic and perfectionist.

Add to that a lot of charm, great confidence, willingness to teach others and forbearance.

Et voila! A boss comes out and everyone wants to work for him.

In private?

He'll find a topic to talk to, make everyone laugh,

He has a gift to win people over, he knows what he wants from himself and from the world, a specific son of a bitch, and hungry ones - better watch out!

That's the whole Dejw, or in fact his short description.

Karolina | Specialist level 4 ✩✩✩✩

Karolina - according to her boss, hard-working, advisory, committed and this combined with her great technical potential gives a recipe for success. 

Ever since she was a child she has dreamt of becoming a hairdresser, of giving people joy and changing their lives for the better.

She found the fulfilment of her ambitions at TheCut where she became a men's hairdresser and considers this part of hairdressing to be her favourite.

A hugely energetic person as she says after work she has to kick into something, Thai boxing beware!

She balances the team perfectly with her versatility and these are just a few words about this lovely woman.... 

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